Who We Are

Chatham Consulting, Inc.
is an independent management-consulting firm that provides comprehensive fleet management consulting services to utilities, government, commercial and industrial firms. Client fleets have ranged in size from 50 to more than 24,000 vehicle and equipment units.

What We Do

Our services range from brief consultations to highly focused studies and comprehensive assessments of every aspect of a fleet operation. These services have encompassed the entire fleet life cycle, including: procurement strategies, specifications, operations, maintenance, replacement and disposal.

We also provide fleet management development and shop operations training, as well as fleet benchmarking services, vehicle inspections, facility assessments, specification writing, and implementation assistance.

We regularly advise many of the largest investor-owned and publicly owned utilities on the continent.  In addition, we have conducted studies for cities ranging in population of 35,000 to over 7,000,000.

Our Staff

We have a highly regarded staff of fleet management, business management, and automotive specialists. Our consultants are carefully chosen based on their proven experience, professional skill, integrity and ability to work well with others. Our consultants are quite knowledgeable in fleet issues; they have: served as expert witnesses, managed fleets, taught fleet related seminars, made presentations at national conferences, and authored numerous articles and books on fleet management.


Chatham Consulting, Inc.
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